Q1. What kind of insurance do I need after I enter Taiwan? Will the school I study at and the institution offering my scholarship pay for my insurance fees?
Before you are eligible to enroll in the National Health Insurance program, you must maintain travel health insurance valid for at least four months from your arrival in Taiwan. Some schools will automatically enroll students in a specific insurance program. Please note that you must have travel health insurance before you can commence studies and you have to pay all the related insurance expenses.
MOFA Taiwan Scholarship recipients also have to enroll in the insurance offered and paid by MOFA.
Q2. Is it mandatory for me to enroll in the National Health Insurance program? If yes, how should I enroll myself in the program?
After you have lived in Taiwan for six months, we will ask all students to enroll in the National Health Insurance program. Some schools will provide their students with additional insurance.  For enrollment in the National Health Insurance program, please prepare your passport, ARC and two ID photos, and other certificates. Please visit the National Health and Insurance Administration website for more details.
Q3.What are the consequences if I do not enroll in the National Health Insurance program?
You will need to pay a significant medical bill if you become seriously ill or are injured in an accident.
Q4.Do I need to enroll in any other insurance program?
During your time studying in Taiwan, you will have to enroll in the student accident insurance program. Most schools will provide services for additional insurance. Such insurance fees for each semester will be around NTD 200 to 300.
Q5.Will my school arrange housing for me?
Some schools do not provide housing services. Therefore, please check with your school before arrival. You may consider staying at a hostel to save money while you are searching for an apartment for rent. You can find more information on hostels by visiting the website of the Taiwan Youth Hostel Association.
Q6.What do I need to know in order to rent an apartment in Taiwan?
Overall, Taiwan is safe to live. Most landlords will ask for a deposit in an amount ranging from one to two months' rent when signing the lease with their tenants.
Q7.Will the institution offering my scholarship help me with any housing disputes?
No. The institution offering your scholarship is not able to help you with any housing dispute. Please seek assistance from your school.