Q1. Can I receive two or more scholarships?
No. You may only receive one of the scholarships provided by the Taiwanese government (such as MOFA or MOE) or educational institutes (such as universities or colleges).

Q2. What is the longest award period of each kind of scholarship?
The maximum award period for each degree and pre-degree LEP are as follows:
a. Undergraduate program: 4 years
b. Master’s program: 2 years
c. Doctoral program: 4 years
d. Pre-degree LEP: 1 year
Note: The recipient of MOFA Taiwan Scholarship with LEP must complete the language courses within the first year of the scholarship program. Each awarded student may receive the stipends for a maximum of 5 years.

Q3. Is there a specific start date and end date for the award period?
The actual dates of the scholarship award period will start from the month when the semester you enrolled in begins and end in the month when the courses are complete. However, if you are expelled, suspended, or need to graduate earlier, the payment of the scholarships will stop immediately and your scholarship qualification will be canceled as well.

Q4. Can I extend the award period?
No, you cannot extend the scholarship award period. Each student may receive the stipends for a maximum of 5 years. Additional study programs will be at your own expense.

Q5. Can I apply for Taiwan Scholarships again after the completion of the program?
Yes. You can apply for Taiwan Scholarships for other higher degree programs as long as the total award period does not exceed 5 years.

Q6. When will I receive the certificate of scholarship?
In general, all scholarship recipients will receive a Taiwan Scholarship Certificate issued by the diplomatic missions of Taiwan before their arrival in Taiwan.
If a student awarded the MOFA scholarship needs more than one (1) copy of such certificate, please notify the mission abroad prior to the preferred interview date.
Please note: Any person awarded the LEP must complete the language courses within the first year of scholarship duration.

Q7. How will the scholarship be paid?
The stipends will be paid during the middle of each month to the recipients whose attendance records and academic performance have met the criteria.
Please take note that the recipients of MOE HES are required to keep with the rules that finished their enrollment during the designated time and undertake at least 15 hours of elective language courses each week, then the stipends will be paid each month.

Q8. In what kind of situation will my scholarship and the remaining stipends be canceled?
A recipient will be permanently disqualified from applying for the scholarships and stipends if the student:
1. Is concurrently receiving any other scholarship provided by other Taiwanese governmental authorities or educational institutions.
2. Is suspended or expelled.
3. Fails to achieve an average grade of 80 points for two consecutive semesters after studying the pre-degree LEP for one semester in Taiwan.
4. Fails to achieve the minimum passing score for two consecutive semesters.
5. Violates the laws or school rules.
6. Fails to submit the photocopy of the ARC marked “Study” to the university within the time specified by the school upon the enrollment of each semester, or changes the reason of residence to any cause other than “Study” during the award period.
7. Falsifies, misrepresents, tampers, or provides false information on the scholarship application documents.

Q9. What could be the reason if I haven’t received my scholarship payment for the month? Whom can I ask for help?
If you fail to meet the minimum academic criteria, you will not be able to receive the scholarship. The payment process may be delayed in the first month of the academic year due to accounting or administrative procedures. Therefore, we suggest all recipients prepare sufficient funds to pay for the tuition and living expenses during this period.
If you have recently transferred to a new school, please check your account information.
If you need any help, you may call the coordinator at your school, or write an email to Taiwan Scholarship Office.

Q10. What should I do if the tuition is higher than the scholarship I received each month?
In general, the scholarship shall be sufficient to pay the tuition. However, since the scholarship is paid month by month, please prepare your funds before coming to Taiwan to pay for the fees and tuition at the beginning of the semester.
You may call your school for assistance and relevant arrangement.

Q11. Can the recipient of Taiwan Scholarships enroll in specialized and vocational classes?
No. The recipients of Taiwan Scholarships cannot enroll in any specialized and vocational classes.