Q1. When should I study the pre-degree LEP?
If you are a recipient of MOFA Taiwan Scholarship, you must complete the pre-degree LEP one year prior to the commencement of the degree program.
Once the degree program starts, you will no longer be eligible for enrolling in the pre-degree LEP courses.
Q2. When should I apply for the schools and how?
Please visit the website “Study in Taiwan” to learn more details about the universities and colleges in Taiwan.
Usually, the applicant will receive the admission decision between February and April of the same year.
Q3. How should I decide on my major?
This is your personal choice. However, please take your language proficiency and the tuition into account when you are considering the schools and courses.
Q4. When will I know if I am admitted by the schools?
The application results are usually published by the end of July.
Q5. Where can I register to take the TOCFL? Which level should I take? Will the institution offering my scholarship pay for the registration fees of TOCFL?
Please visit the official site of “TOCFL” for the test schedule of the year. You can download the yearly test schedules and find the latest information about the exam. 
Registration fees for listening and reading tests are NTD 1,600. Regarding the level of examination, recipients of MOFA Taiwan scholarship shall at least pass Level 2.
Recipients of MOE Taiwan scholarships and HES shall at least pass Level 3. Please choose the appropriate level of examination based on the type of scholarship and your mandarin language proficiency. Exam takers have to pay for their own registration fees.
Q6. What should I do if I am unable to understand the lecture?
Please ask your lecturer and class advisor for help. If the course is too difficult for you, you may transfer to another department, or to another school. Please note that you only have one chance to transfer to another school and you will have to obtain approvals from both schools.
Q7. What documents do I need to provide for transfer?
You have to notify the school you are currently studying within and the school you desire to transfer to about your transfer decision, and provide the documents respectively required by both schools.
Q8. Can I re-take the exam if my grade is lower than the class average?
Each school has its own guidance. Please ask the lecturer and the class advisor for retaking the exams.
Q9. Can I apply to transfer to another department in the same school? If yes, how should I apply?
Yes, you may transfer to another department in the same school but you must obtain the school’s approval before you do so. Please refer to your school’s procedures about the transfer process. Please note that recipients of degree programs are allowed to transfer to another department once only.